Roberto De Almeida


A simple blog engine.


SimpleQL is a wrapper for Python DB API 2 modules which treats a database table as an iterable object. The user can manipulate this object using standard Python syntax through list comprehensions and generator expressions, and simpleQL will create the corresponding SQL queries on the fly by inspecting the source code to filter the data.


A DSL for creating NetCDF files.


A parser for COARDS compliant dates.


JSONStore is a lightweight database for JSON documents exposed through HTTP.


A pure Python module for reading and writing NetCDF files, a self-describing binary format for storing scientific data. The module is written from scratch and does not depend on the NetCDF library, and uses mmap() in order to avoid loading the complete dataset onto memory. Pupynere has been incorporated into Scipy as

OPeNDAP streaming

Test of streaming real time data via OPeNDAP, and plotting it using Javascript via CORS.


Wise is an HTTP RESTful server that accepts Python script and runs them. When the execution is completed the user is pointed to a webpage with the output of the script.


An implementation of mapreduce in Python-Javascript. The map is calculated by converting the Python code to Javascript, spawning a web server and offloading the calculation to browsers visiting a specific URL.

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